GTA V Online. Is It Dead?

  Will Grand Theft Auto Online ever die? 

My short answer is no. Here are a few reasons why.

Content updates. Rockstar keeps the online updates pretty frequent and they have a lot of play time in them. Whether it be a new adversary mode or a new business franchise, you always have a ton to do in Gta Online.

Shark Cards. Frequent updates and constant expensive vehicles, Rockstar makes a killing off the shark cards. I don’t have any proof of that, but hey it’s been going hard since 2013. They can afford to keep moderators and a pretty good support team. And again the updates, so I’d say, it’s safe to say the shark cards are working.

Mini Games  GTA online has tons of mini-games. From Driving a car of a massive jump and parachuting it onto a giant target. To Racing through a giant tube propelled through the sky. To battling it out in a badass juggernaut suit. There is something for everyone in the mini games.

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