Razer Kraken Pro V2: An Honest Review:

Back in time, gaming accessories were not that important. Kids use to play games just for fun and that’s it. However, now gaming has turned into a proper industry. People are investing in the teams and tournaments are organized just like any other sport. Now the gamers are pretty serious about their gaming gears and to facilitate the gamers Razer, a popular gaming products store, released Razer Kraken pro v2 gaming headset especially for first-person shooting games. It is an upgrade for the previous version of Razer Kraken pro with the improved audio and design with a retractable mic. Let’s dig a little deeper and find out what this headset carry.


The quality of Razer products is always high. They never compromise quality to make the product little more stylish. Same is the case with Kraken pro V2. It has a nice simple design with amazing cushions to comfort your ears. The design is so slick that it fits perfectly. Even gamers with glasses can easily use this beast. The headset was launched in three colors: Black, white and Razer signature color green. You never get tired of the comfy design as binge gaming is the way to go these days. Kraken Pro V2 might have few drawbacks but comforts and cool look are definitely not in the bad books.

Audio quality:

As Razer is a dedicated gaming products company, so, Kraken Pro V2 has amazing sound quality within the game as expected. FPS games are heavily depended on the calls from teammates and sounds made by the enemy to gain the slight upper hand on the enemies. Even the slightest footstep can listen effortlessly through this monster of a headset and you can clutch the 1v1 or 1v2 rounds if you have the superior sound advantage.
For gaming, the audio quality is pretty smooth but when it comes to the overall use of a headset in regular routine there are few setbacks. The bass is quite rich but the sharpness and echo sometimes mask the original sense of the song or dialogue. The audio seemed a bit distorted and the quality was not that great apart from the gaming.

Final Say:

Razer has set the price of $80 for Kraken pro V2, which is quite reasonable as compared to the build quality and shiny finesse. The design is almost 100% great and the comfort level of wearing for a long time is exceptional. But when it comes to the audio quality out of the games, then there are a few concerns. If you are spending $80, you would expect a perfect quality for all your gadgets not just for gaming. So, if you cannot enjoy the songs or movies perfectly then you might think twice before buying them. You cannot blame Razer as they explicitly launch all their products, to enhance your gaming experience and these beefy headsets can certainly do that. So if you want an all-rounder headset then the Kraken pro v2 is not for you but if you are a dedicated gamer and just want the enhanced and enriched in-game sound then looks no further, the Kraken Pro V2 is an ideal choice.

Here is a link to it on Amazon. Check it out!

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