Why Red Dead Redemption 2 Had A Disappointing Ending


Red Dead Redemption 2 is a truly wonderful and spectacular game, with absolutely beautiful graphics and some of the funnest gameplay I’ve ever seen in a game, but under all of this a few of it’s players may have lost interest after they finished the game. Despite how wonderful the game is, the ending isn’t so great.

Reason one, Following suit of the first Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar decided to kill off the main protagonist, Arthur Morgan, final moments of chapter 6, and once he is gone you lose any cash or horses that you have collected and bonded with throughout the story, and this, among other things drives players away once they have finished the game.

Two,  once Arthur has passed and you begin the epilogue, players of  Red Dead Redemption 1 might find it pointless story wise, seeing as,  Spoiler, John Marston also dies in the end of RDR 1, leaving almost no point for Marston’s ranch life, which in turn leaves some players feeling empty while playing through the epilogue.

Three,  Finally, when Arthur meets his fate, it’s at the hands of Micah. This alone made me want to stop playing the game entirely, maybe that’s just me, but I am sure that this left a sour taste in many players mouths as they watched the final cutscene.

This doesn’t mean the game is bad in anyway, but those who found the story important and loved Arthur as a character may agree with the opinions in the article.

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