New Western Themed Game Competing With Red Dead Online

With Red Dead Online so far being a disappointment when compared to its story mode, a new wild west game by developers Virtual Basement has surfaced on the market with the hopes of reclaiming what Rockstar has lost when it comes to an online wild west game.

In the game you can expect to be mining, chopping, and hunting for resources, although you may be tired of that concept from other games, the wild west may put enough of a twist on the gameplay loop to make it very enjoyable. The also game trailer also puts a strong emphasis on building, which looks like the same system as Rust.

There also seems to be plenty of weapons to take down outlaws, animals or innocents with. From a scoped rifle to a revolver, and many things in between, this open world wild west playground won’t have any trouble entertaining us for hours.

Outlaws of the Old West has a set ease date of March 12 for an early access launch, on consoles it will release in the future when the game is ready for a full launch.

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