Will Days Gone live up to the hype?

With Days Gone being one of the most anticipated games of 2019, its safe to say that everyone is extremely excited for it to come out, but will it fail to meet expectations?

The trailers for Days Gone are amazing, showing off highly detailed environments, immersive gameplay, and great graphics, but those are only trailers and games like Watch Dogs have had major downgrades after showing the game in trailers.

Days Gone also shows off a massive amount of enemies on screen at once, and this game is going to be released on all models of the PS4, if the trailers are showing the true amount of enemies, then there will probably be, unfortunately, a large amount of lag when these massive hordes appear onscreen unless Sony has figured out a around that.

So overall, if Days Gone is anything like the trailers, than I think we’re in for a very good experience.

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